FAQ -I just put a Deposit & signed up for a class but what's next?


I just paid a deposit for a class, what do I do now?

You will get an email within the next few days going over a few things so in meantime, please email us a copy of your esthetics or cosmetology license AND any prior Lash Certifications you may already have.


Travel Arrangements? Which Airport is Closest? Where should I stay? What are the driving directions?


Please make note if viewing my website from a mobile device or tablet please scroll down on the home page and select view in standard/classic mode so that so you can see all full details and description, or view on a regular computer/labtop or desk top.  On my website you can see we have a Recommendation Page for anyone traveling outside of my area. 

For hotel, airport, etc...



Please NOTE DIRECTIONS/ADDRESS, when plugging into a GPS/navigation please use:


Class starts at 10am , we break for lunch that we provide and class ends at 6pm


You do get 20% off any products that you would like to purchase while you are here for the training so if you have time and want to browse my website that may help you figure out what you would like to get.  If gets overwhelming while you are so sometimes this helps you to think more clearly.



DoI need to bring a model?

If you live in the area and can bring a model, it would be gratefully appreciated and more beneficial to you.  If you are bringing a model, please let us know ASAP so we do not make the necessary arrangements to provide one for you. If you are bringing a model with you please note that they will not be permitted in the studio until it is time to begin the hands on/practical segment of the training which is APPROXIMATELY around 2-3pm give or take the first day, and the second day around 12-1pm also give or take. 


What do I bring with me to class?
What do I bring?
Isolation/Seperate Tweezers & Magnifiers (eyewear)


We supply most everything you would need to lash, the bed, lighting (glamcor), lashes, glue, tweezers )pick up tweezers only), eye pads, primer, etc. etc....


I do recommend you to bring isolation/seperation tweezers and any other tweezers you feel most comfortable working with.  Also I recommend to bring your magnifiers/ eyewear and anything else you may ​need to make yourself more comfortable. ​S​ometimes we feel a little awkward when we are trying to work in a different environment so using what makes you feel most comfortable 

​is what I recommend.​


 Pay In Full


It is Required that Payment for Class is PAID IN FULL 2 weeks prior as stated on my website. Please Pay Balance directly on our website, the same way you paid there are options for Paid in Full/Deposit/Balance 




When does class start?  

Class starts at 10am and is over at 6pm.  We provide lunch for all training classes.  If you require any special diet, i.e. vegeterian, etc... please let us know at your earliest convinence.

What do I need to bring with me to the training?
When is payment in full due?


Do I need to bring a model?
When does class start & end?