Beginner  Eyelash Extension Course

Beginner Eyelash Extension Course

Learn How to apply Eyelash Extensions by applying ultra thin light weight synthetic eyelash extensions to one natural eyelash. Cut to best technique right from the beginning! Skip Classic and go right to the most sought after look, Fluffy Volumous Luscious Lashes! 4 Days or 5 Days of Training
Eyelash Extensions - For Beginners - The Basic Volume

4 or 5 day Training Course
$1800.00 4 Day
$2,150.00 5 Day

Includes Manual & Customized Lash Kit

you will get the basics included but it will be customized individually

this way you don't purchase unnecessary products

3 Lash Trays of your choice of curls in .07 thickness in MultiLength 7mm - 14mm,

adhesive of your choice*, 2 tweezers of your choice*, 50 eyepads of your choice,

roll tape, scissors, glue wells/rings, gel glue remover, primer,

disposables (mascara spoolies, flock tip applicators, microswab applicators)

This Kit will give you everything you will need to Start Lashing right away.

The only 2 items that are not included that you wil need is a nebulizer to cure lashes , magnifiers (eyewear), & lighting (we recommend Glamcor which you will use at mystudio during your training & we stock it here as well.
We do stock these items here 20% off additional Lash Supplies if you wish to purchase

& we will help recommend for you if needed. i.e. magnifiers, nebulizer


2 days in a row usually a Tuesday & Wed 11am - 6pm with lunch provided

and the 3rd day will be usualy the following week,

then the 4th day will be 4 - 8 weeks later after you have lashed 10 - 15 people

we also have a 5 Day Option with this Course which is recommended for the best possible training

Day 1 - Theory

Basics included the Anatomy of the Eye, Health & Safety, Contraindications, Sanitization,

Understanding Eyelashes the growth & the stages

Different Shapes Of Eyes and Different types of natural lashes you maybe working with

Supplies & Tools that you will need

The Setup, how to prepare for your client

How to Discuss Lash Extensions with your Clients, the Do's & Dont's

Application & Technique and some Hands On technique practice

Day 2 - Theory & Hands On

More Discussion on Application & Technique

How to Isolate, How to Pick up & Place,