Adhesive 101

For Best Retention & Proper Care of Your Adhesive

1. Remove Cap take Lint Free Wipe or Cosmetic Sponge

w/ Finger over top of opening nozzle & shake vigoriously for 30 sec

2. Turn completely upside down let adhesive run down into

nozzle and squeeze out 2 drops of adhesive into glue well/ring

3. While still upside down, release pressure so adhesive

sucks back up into nozzle and turn right side up

and Wipe Nozzle Clean with Lint Free wipe or cosmetic

sponge. Close Cap Tightly Store Upright Always

**MUST Clean Nozzle every SINGLE use**

Best to Keep in Cool Dry Area

Do NOT refrigerate or Freeze!

Best Used in a Glue well or Glue Ring

Best Used Closer to 50% Humidity 70 - 72F

Clean Lashes & Degrease with Stellar Prime

Use Nebulizer to bring moisture back into Lashes

Use Nebulizer thru out lashing every 20 min or so

for quicker grab and best results to minimize irritation

Recommend to have EE in tweezer & then Isolate,

then dip 1 - 3mm Base of EE into adhesive for a

thin even coat and place directly onto NL

do NOT wipe, swipe, paint or shimy EE onto NL

Just Place the base of EE onto the NL and hold a second.

Follow these tips & you should have great retention!

See Video on

none of the adhesive I carry contain formaldehyde. Elite and Expert and my Stellar Sensi actually have the lowest fumes out of all the adhesives.

There are several things you should know. Most lash extension adhesives do NOT contain formaldehyde at all. If so it must be labeled as such. BUT what does happen with all forms of cyanoacrylate no matter which form is that during the curing process (while the glue is drying and going from liquid form to solid inert form) that formaldehyde FUMES become present but they are so low under the number that is required by law and deemed harmful so it's really such low numbers. BUT the quicker the glue cures the least amount of the fumes become present and that is another reason why I highly recommend to use a nebulizer (NOT a nano-mister) to the cure adhesive while you are lashing. I usually every 20 minutes or so just give like 20 -30 seconds of nebulizer to teh eye I am working on it helps actually to work faster because the glue clings faster and works and dries faster since moisture is present on the lashes!! It also helps minimizes the risk for irritation since you are curing the adhesive quickly. Elite is also one of the fastest drying adhesives which make the fumes lower and less present as well!!!

Just some helpful tips to understand the process better!!

Hope this information was helpful.


Before we used to cure adhesive with a nebulizer and we told clients to wait 24/48 hours to get wet we used to run into the issue of us getting the phone calls from our clients that all of a sudden 2 or 3 days later they feel irritation was usually because the glue was not cured right away and it was curing (drying) very slowly that is when the formaldehyde fumes were present and even though very low but after 48 hours of the constant fumes present is then when it became irritating to the client and we never really understood why!!!!