Educate Your Customers

StellaLash Academy Business Development Series

Volume 1 – Issue 1 May 2016

The StellaLash Business Series is an ongoing series of articles designed to provide lash artists with content they can use to grow their lash extension business. The Lash Shop, home of StellaLash lash line and the StellaLash Academy is committed to excellence in the lash industry. Our goal is to support lash artists around the world with ongoing education, training and support.

Educate Your Customers

Customers who have lashes that last, tend to become loyal and long time customers. They feel they are getting a great value from their lash artist. When they see their investment in lash extensions last for a long time, they are more motivated to continue to maintain their lash extensions, which results in an ongoing source of revenue for the lash artist.

It is imperative to have a conversation with your lash customers about after care. Show them how to clean, seal and fluff the lashes, explain to them how often to use an approved cleanser. Give them a list of activities and products to avoid. We have created a list for you to provide to your lash customers. Give your clients the StellaLash Lash Extension After Care Tips flyer to take home after their appointment.

5 After Care Tips

1. Things To Avoid

  • Getting any oils on or around your eyes.

  • Getting primers, eye shadow & other makeup on your actual lash line & lashes.

  • All MAC & Bobbie Brown eyeliners & mascaras. Even on your lower lash line as these tend to be cakey and can breakdown lash extension adhesive. (All other MAC & Bobbie Brown cosmetics - eyeshadows are fine)

  • Excess Heat (when opening an oven door or opening the lid to a grill - let the heat come out a few seconds before you put your face close to this kind of heat as this can straighten our lash extensions (this also includes blow dryer, lighting a smoke)

2. Clean Your Lashes Daily Use a soft clean eye shadow or fan brush with your favorite lash line cleanser we highly recommend Chrissanthie, The Lash & Brow Cleanser or Sterilid​ for best results. Please also make sure you come in for your lash fill with clean eyes, no makeup PLEASE. We want to utilize the time for your appointment to apply lashes not clean them. ;) If you do happen to wear a lot of eye makeup and do not clean properly this can effect the bond & retention.


At the StellaLash Academy we train our lash artists to use a nebulizer to cure adhesive. If The Lash Nebulizer is used to cure, lashes can get wet right away after lashes are applied. If no nebulizer is used – suggest that your clients wait 24 - 48 hours to get lashes wet. But really for best retention & reduce risk of irritation use a Nebulizer to cure adhesive.

4. Use A Sealant To keep your lashes looking fresh and to help increase lash retention – use a sealant on a regular basis (every other day). The StellaLash Sealant has a growth serum to help promote healthy lashes, doesn’t create a build up. Comes in clear and black. Use a clean Mascara Spoolie and run thru the ends of lashes to fluff lashes after applying sealant, great for Volume lashes as well as Classic!

5. Brush & Fluff Daily

Brush out your lashes daily with a clean Mascara Spoolie to help look their very best!

REMINDER: Don’t forget to book your next Lash Fill before you leave your current appointment as to not wait too long. Classic Lash Fill Recommend every 2 - 3 weeks Volume Lash Fill recommend every 3 - 5 weeks. Keeping on a consistent schedule keeps your lashes looking their best!

HAVING ISSUES WITH RETENTION??? As the client, there are a few things that you can be doing or things going on that you may not even realize which effects retention of your lash extensions. Ask yourself these questions….

  1. Do you tend to touch your lashes often?

  2. Do you have allergies? Rubbing your eyes because they are itchy?

  3. Are you having any hormonal changes going on?

  4. Any diet or food changes that you maybe having? Even some medications?

Some Hormonal changes and diets (HCG diet esp.) effect your oil production in your hair follicles and you may not even realize this and it could have a negative impact on retention.

Some hair products or facial products can run over your lashes in the shower that can leave an oily residue over your lashes you don’t even realize it.

Remember, you establish yourself as a professional when you take the time to help your lash customer understand how to protect their investment. When customers follow your after care advice – they will see their extensions last longer. It’s also a huge plus to give your clients an email address that they can use to reach out to you with questions and advice. Every time you help your client and provide a higher level of service you strengthen your relationship with your client. More loyal clients will increase your appointments for refills and referrals of new clients, all of which increase your sales.