Proper Application Technique by Stefani at StellaLash

StellaLash Adhesive Application Technique

Nothing is more satisfying than clients who love your work! It’s so rewarding to be able to help women look and feel more beautiful as a lash extension artist. Clients love when they get extensions that look beautiful and last. One of the key factors in client satisfaction is the length of time that the extensions last.

A goal of every lash artist should be clients who come back for re-fills on a regular basis, but only as a result of natural lash growth, not poor application procedures. As a lash artist, you know that there are many variables that can impact the retention of the extensions that you apply. Many of these variables can be out of your control, if the client isn’t following your After Care Instructions.

Adhesive is one of the most important factors in retention. There are so many things to consider when choosing your adhesive. However, although temperature & humidity are the obvious but it’s also the technique that you use to apply adhesive to the lash extension is crucial. Having a proper technique for adhesive application can be the difference in a satisfied client and an angry customer.

At the StellaLash Academy we teach a very specific Adhesive Application Technique that will help you to create a strong bond. It’s a simple procedure and once mastered, will give you stunning results.

StellaLash Adhesive Application Technique

6 Tips

Work Close To The Lashes

Use the StellaLash Interchangeable Lash Pallets and Finger Lash Pallet Ring. This will keep the adhesive virtually next to the clients’ lashes so there will be no drying before the application of the extension. If lashing off to the side, besides poor body ergonomics, by the time you get the EE in contact with the NL the adhesive can be dry/set already.

Isolate 1 - 2 - 3…

Make sure you follow these easy steps:

1. Pick up your lash extension or lash fan

2. Isolate always BEFORE you go for the adhesive

3. Dip extensions into the adhesive AFTER you Isolate

4. Place firmly on the natural lash

PLEASES NOTE: Going to isolate after you have adhesive on your lashes can really make a huge difference in retention because adhesives today are super fast and by time you isolate and place on the NL the adhesive can be dry/set already and although it may attach it will be a weak bond and probably fall within a few days.

Go Slow

Secure an extension or lash fan and dip it 2 - 3 mm into your adhesive slowly! Then pull it out slowly. You will see a thin even coat of adhesive but maybe hard to see it on the extensions. If you were do go in and pull out really quick you’ll see an excess glue ball, that is what you DON’T want and if that happens just go back into the adhesive and come out slower so there is no excess glue ball or bead.


Avoid the temptation to swipe any excess adhesive after you’ve pulled the extension from the adhesive. When you swipe you remove almost all of the adhesive from the extension resulting in sub standard retention.

Solid Bond

Place the extension on the natural lash making sure to get a solid bond with the first 2 – 3 mm of the extension. Keep your tweezers still right there and hold it in place for 1 second for the adhesive to set on the lashes and for it to stay in place. Sometimes if you go too fast and just lift up your tweezers off the extensions you are placing on the natural lashes they may fall or your fan may close up on you if the adhesive hasn’t set yet.


Mist the lashes for 20 -30 seconds with your StellaLash the Lash Nebulizer. This will increase your lash extension retention. I recommend to do right before lashing, thru out lashing every 20 minutes or so and at the end.

If you follow these tips you’ll be sure to have a rock solid bond on all of your extension. Clients will leave with extensions that will last as long as their natural lashes. They will only need to come back for re-fills every 3 – 5 weeks (volume lashing) based on their natural growth, which will keep them as a satisfied client. Classic lashing fills will still be 2 - 3 weeks due to the way they look mostly but will still have great retention.

If you’d like to learn more you can watch the StellaLash Academy video that outlines these tips.

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