Most Valuable Tools We Have As Lash Artist....Eyes.....

As a lash artist, one of the best and most valuable tools you have is your eyes. You need to care for them and treat them better than any other tool you have in your collection, let’s face it – you can’t buy another pair if something happens to them.

It’s a very serious issue, as a lash artist, you should always be able to remember your last eye exam. You should get your eyes checked every year! Your vision can change in that time! Do you need corrective lenses? Is your prescription up to date?

How’s your nutrition and water intake? Are you aware that proper nutrition and adequate hydration can impact your vision?

How is your retention? If you’re clients are complaining that their lashes are not staying on for a long period of time, let’s talk about your vision. Vision is so important that if someone is coming to our StellaLash Academy for lash extension training we require that they have their vision tested.

I highly recommend the use of magnifiers. But I have a rule: have your vision checked and if you need corrective lenses, make sure that wear your glasses or contacts and then add magnifiers. If you use magnifiers without corrective lenses you can end up with more vision issues in the long run. We offer Telesight Magnifiers with a full frame to have your eye doctor add your prescription lenses right into them so it helps not having to wear 2 sets of eyewear on your face.

Applying lash extensions can cause strain on your eyes. I have a few tips to alleviate eye stress. First make sure you’re properly hydrated and have good nutrition. Second, make sure that you have gotten enough rest. Third, proper lighting is a huge factor and you need to make sure you have adequate light. If you start to feel eyestrain during your workday, here’s a sure fire tip:

Throughout the day, focus on furthers point of the room – close your eyes for 10 seconds, open them and then focus on another focal point.

Also, one of my favorite little treats for my eyes throughout the day is to give them a little spritz with the StellaLash Nebulizer for a few seconds.

Take this opportunity to commit to getting an eye exam. If you can’t remember your last exam, stop what you’re doing and make an appointment to see your optometrist in the next few weeks. If you’ve been lashing without the necessary corrective lenses, you’ve been working too hard. It will make your life so much easier!